Profile: Anthony Hayward, Underground MC

By Subculture — November 04, 2012

When Anthony “Tugboat” Hayward made the decision to become an emcee, he experienced the kind of liberation everyone hopes for, but few experience.

“Being an emcee has literally freed myself, from myself,” says Hayward. “I’ve always had a lot to say. I just never had the proper place to channel all that good and bad energy.”

Influenced by the likes of Big L, Jedi Mind Tricks and Little Brother, Hayward has crafted a style that can best be described as underground; a culture he says most of the talented and grimiest artists are coming from.

As for this rap name, Tugboat, Hayward says it matches him perfectly.

“Even if I’m small, slow and ugly, I always get the job done,” he says. “I do all the heavy lifting and I’m never gonna sink. Overachieved but under appreciated. The underdog.”

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